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Leo Nocentelli 

Hey Nick,After listening to the TAVASCO, cd, I would like to make to the following comment: In my experience working and producing some songs for TAVASCO, I find the experience to be like driving a fine tuned machine, of which they are.My hats off to their new CD.They are all my Brothers.

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Aaron J. Neville

I’m Aaron Neville of the mighty Neville brothers, and I’d like to say some words and thoughts about my friends and band mates. I remember the group Tavasco from New Orleans, La. Earl Smith, Nick Daniels, and James Harris, I have plenty love and respect for these talented guys, which both Earl, and Nick played with the Neville brothers, also the Aaron Neville Quintet. I loved them back in the days, and they’re still great today, I put them up with any group out there, like kinda kin to the O' Jays or any group from the vocal group days.

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Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews

This is high volume universal music to help you reminisce, or dream of the electric 70’s funk revolution.



Thanks To My Heavenly Father, And My Parents Who Are With the Good Lord. Special Thanks to Fred Plunket, Vernon Ward And The Love Sisters Vanessa, Faye And Miltonette Love. Of  Course There's people Who I'm Forgetting. Thanks to My Son James T. Harris 111 Who is My Biggest Fan. Love Y'all!!!


I'd like to thank Our Lord and Savior for our Life, My Family, for supporting me thru thick and thin, Mesa Boogie, Tony Walters at Manna Basso Bass for the Blood (My Bass Name), and all our friends for always standing and motivating us forward, Much Respect. 



Thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all his blessings and for giving me the talent and allowing me to share with the world.

In memory of my wife Gertie Jenkins Smith may she RIP. I thank God for every day of my life that she found the man in a little boy's mind. Thank you for being the other entity that made my half whole. I love you with all my heart.

To my family thanks for your continued love and support for which I am so grateful, love always.

In memory of Jessie Favorite and Melvin Walker, our manager. Special thanks for believing in us always, y'all RIP.

In memory of Bernard Spears "AKA" Bunny, your spirit lives on in all of us. You will be always loved, my brother and always will be a part of Tavasco 504.

With love always, RIP.

A thanks to Paul Onheiser for believing in me to be an advocate for your creation of the Grombal System to protect your cymbals and also the Cymbal Chief, the only support your cymbals will ever need.

www.thegrombal.com Made right here in the USA.

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